Olav come from a place just outside Oslo, Norway. He first picked up a camera at the age of 11. Two year later he got his first photo published in a major publication.

By the time he had finished elementary school and was starting junior high, Olav Stubberud was traveling all over the world shooting snowboarding, but displaying a reflective array of styles. He quickly became known in the snowboard industry, and at the age of 17 he was nominated as Photographer of the Year, and at the age of 19 he won Picture of the Year at the Norwegian Snowboard Awards, making him the youngest winner ever of this award. Two years later he also won Video of the Year with his childhood crew RK1, this made him the only one holding two awards in both video and photo, something that reflects his current position and skillset by doing both in a big scale.

From a desire to expand and challenge himself, Olav began working with musicians and artists. He shot the first ever press photos of Kygo, which was the start of being Kygo's trusted photographer.

Further he continued to be the first choice for some of the biggest names not only in music and sports, but other categories as well.
Current time he is the one that get called when history is being written, and for Olav - photographed.

He believes in the long route, no shortcuts. Honouring the old ways of doing it. Something that makes him a bridge between the present and the past.

But photography is only the beginning of Olav’s skillset and journey. As video being a natural progression, he continued to explore the medium though his photographer eye, that resulted in a unique style that led to getting hired for both video and photo from many of his clients.

Further he signed as a model in Milan, Oslo, London and New York. Combined with his strong following he started to take on big partnerships, and combining his photography and creative direction. Also nominated for "Influencer of the year" at Costume Magazine awards.

In 2021 Olav got his first ever audition for a feature film, that he booked. Staring in "The Worst Person in the World" that got nominated for two Oscars, as well as having a supporting role to the lead Renate Reinsve that won "Best Female Actress" at Cannes film festival. Olav also ended up working as a behind the scenes photographer on set for the second part of the film after his first scene.

In 2014 Olav took on his own personal work with his first solo exhibition with the concept "basic.". A design world that he is continue to build, combining hype-culture with art, and the analog world with the digital age. Where he strives to deliver the message to "live free". Completing his biggest exhibition to date in 2021, a self produced event that hosted 1000 guests in a abandoned car wash that he renovated himself. Filled with fine art photography, installations and fashion in an collaboration with Porsche. As well as developing an immersive digital exhibition, combining physical and digital art.

The new mediums from a wave of technology drives Olav into a new chapter, and starts the developing of his digital persona in 2019. An digital avatar created to break the physical boundaries and challenging himself into a new digital era. One of the most hyper realistic avatars to date, focusing on real-time interactions, bending the limits of what is possible with consumer technology, together with Pinecone Tech and Rokoko.

Being and early adopter to web3, and an active voice and face in the scene. Olav gets rapidly pulled into the public light to speak and lead new people into the space and speaker panels across the country is requesting Olav as one of the experts in the field. His background from arts, music, and fashion forms a unique voice into the digital wave formed by VR, AR, NFTs, AI and crypto.

Olav's unique combination of knowledge and insight in culture and industries forms a rare position, which puts him in the for front of new waves and change. The last years Olav have been taking on consulting roles to help brands, people and businesses grow and evolve.